Chateau Montelena Chardonnay Napa Valley CA 2021

Chateau Montelena Chardonnay Napa Valley CA 2021

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 2021 Chateau Montelena Chardonnay Napa Valley    Winery Notes

NOSE e aromatic diversity here is breathtaking. e wine cleanly and discreetly checks off all of the boxes of a great vintage. Orange blossom? Yes. Green apple? Plentiful. White peach? Absolutely. In warm years, the wines can occasionally lean too tropical in aroma, but that isn’t the case here. e floral notes of chamomile and honeysuckle moderatethe grandeur of the fruit but also slowly subside to unveil lemon balm, cinnamon and mint.

PALATE e parade of bright,zesty fruit continues on the palate, but it’s just the beginning. e wine’s texture and energy are on full display, brimming with minerality, lemon curd and crème brûlée. e delicate balance between the spine of acidity and the breadth of flavor is both dynamic and fluid.e ripe melon notes areparticularly captivating, lending freshness and richness. While there are some soft barrel undertones magnified by a subtle chalkiness, it will take some time before this additional layer matches the surrounding opulence.

FINISH e finish initially leans exotic and tropical, first as banana and then as starfruit before slowly yielding to D’Anjou pear and baking spice. Again, the texture here is beautifully integrated but still developing. For now, it’s easy enough to enjoy the candied citrus, vanilla and marzipan.

Technical Information

HARVEST DATES August 17–September 7

ALCOHOL 13.7% BLEND 100% Chardonnay

BARREL AGING 10 months in French oak

BOTTLING DATE August 12–18, 2022 WINEMAKER Matt Crafton