Links to our Favorite Food & Wine Websites

Wine education can be as basic or as in depth as you want - one of the reasons wine is for everyone!

Our favorite websites for wine education:

Food & Wine 

Basics of pairing food with wine-

Cooking Websites

Elle Cooking - recipes and more!


Websites for wine reviews

The BEST Wine Opener for Older Wines!!    

Until we discovered THE DURAND,  opening an older wine was always a challenge preventing a broken or crumbling cork.  An essential tool for the lover of older wines!

Wine Preservation

It's not often that we don't finish a bottle of wine once we open it, but when we do, we reach for Vineyard Fresh.   We used Vineyard Fresh at our restaurant to keep our 30 plus wines by the glass fresh like when first opened.   We now offer it for sale on our website!

Simply, Vineyard Fresh stops oxidation with two quick bursts to create a protective barrier. Using 100% Argon gas, Vineyard Fresh keeps wine fresh for weeks.