Condition of Wine At Time of Sale

Condition of Wine at time of sale.

As mentioned in ‘Our Story’, the basis for our inventory is wines we accumulated in our restaurant for over 30 years.  Be assured that they were always kept in a climate controlled area and usually in one of our cellars at 57-60 degrees F and 70% humidity.   However periodic inventorying and storage on redwood racks may have affected the label condition. Some Burgundy labels are notorious for ‘mildewing’ during proper storage.  If a wine we offer has a condition less that excellent ( torn or stained label or capsule) we will inform you and send a digital photograph prior to shipping and for your approval.

We make no claim as to condition of the wine in the bottle other than it has ben properly stored and in our possession since purchase from a wholesaler/distributor.   Unfortunately, return of a wine because of ‘old age’, ‘over the hill’ , ‘tastes off’ etc will not be honored. We’ve always been either thrilled, pleasantly surprised or somewhat disappointed when opening an older wine.    But that is the joy, pleasure and adventure of being able to drink older wine that allows the tertiary flavors that only time produces. In other words, just because we offer a 20 year old American chardonnay for sale doesn’t guarantee it’s at peak condition!