Altovinium Evodia Garnacha Calatayud Spain 2018

Altovinium Evodia Garnacha Calatayud Spain 2018

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90 Rp -  this is 2017 review NOT the 2018 we are selling


2019 - 2021

The incredibly perfumed 2017 Evodia was true to its name, as apparently 'evodia' means fragrant in the ancient Greek language. It had been bottled for a few months when I tasted it and it was very harmonious and expressive. They have reduced quantities and raised the price a bit, going into a different segment of the market, definitely a better wine than what I tasted from 2016. It achieved almost 15% alcohol in 2017, one of the earliest harvests of the last 20 years after some spring frosts and a very dry summer. Only 20% of the volume matured in barrel, while the rest was kept in concrete vats for six months. It's very easy to drink, with unnoticeable tannins and a long, lingering finish. Super tasty and impressive for the price. 150,000 bottles were produced.